Hello, I am a 61 year old Veteran, who has undergone surgery for Pancreatic Cancer. The surgery was in hopes of giving me a few more months , or longer, of life. I am still going to die of Cancer. There is no doubt of that. It's all about the when, not the if.  The funds I seek are to help cover medical costs. I am involved in the VA nd they are helping via Veteran's Choice, but there are many costs that are not covered and until I know just how much is covered, I can see an immediate amount of $55,000 USD staring me in the face right now. It may be more or it may be less, but that is a current estimate, from the bills that have come in so far. I had major surgery "Whipple Procedure" and then back in for removing an abscess, so twice in the hospital and four separate ER visits, plus doctors visits and prescription medication. Of course, there is more to come, as I said. It's not over till I die and I am now disabled. Legally 100% disabled by the doctors and the SS administration. I will not see a disability check till the waiting period is over and I have not worked since the end of March. My wife is over 65 and she does get SS, but that is just not enough to live on, let alone pay these kinds of bills. I used to be proud. I used to never ask for anything. I always paid my way. Now, I feel ashamed that I have to ask, but I will ask, because I need to keep my wife safe and not covered up with my bills. It is for her to survive, as I am going to die. We live in Tyler, TX, USA. I started a blog about this. The web address is: http://dyingintylertx.blogspot.com/ If you feel you can help, then thank you from the bottom of my heart. If not, then thank you anyhow and bless you for at least reading this.




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